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At Big Oak Nursery, we know that deciding what kind of tree to plant in your lawn can be difficult! Do you want a tree that will stop everyone in the neighborhood? Are you looking for some wow-factor for your yard? We invite you to use our helpful list and Resource Sheet to assist you in your decision making. For assistance with determining which Lawn Tree is right for your garden in the Elk Grove, California area, please come talk to one of our helpful Team Members!

Big Oak Nursery's Lawn Tree Guide For Zone 9b


  • RED MAPLE: Large, rounded, pollen-free tree, deciduous, easy to grow in lawns. Great fall color. 20-60' tall.

  • HONEYLOCUST TREE: A nice, medium-sized shade tree. Deciduous, grows well in lawns. 40-60' tall.

  • VARIEGATED BOX ELDER: An attractive, smaller three-leafed maple tree, with beautiful variegated green and white leaves. 60' tall.

  • FRINGE TREE: Deep roots. Foliage is very attractive, deciduous, lightly fragrant bright color flowers. 20' tall.

  • SOURGUM TREE: A small to medium-sized tree, deciduous, excellent fall color. 35' tall.

  • CRABAPPLE: A smaller, very pretty tree, with great flowers in spring and small red fruits in fall. 10-20’ tall.

  • FLOWERING PLUM: A pretty, easy to grow tree, deciduous, flowers in the spring, grows fast. Shade is not dense. 15-30’ tall.

  • PINEAPPLE GUAVA TREE: Small evergreen tree. Best grown as a multitrunked tree, gray-green attractive leaves, white-red flowers, sweet green fruit. With age the tree becomes more attractive. Interesting bark. 18-25’ tall.

  • APRICOT TREE: Attractive, deciduous, easy to grow, blossoms smell great, and provides fruit. Good fall color.

  • FUYU PERSIMMON TREE: Slow growing, very attractive bark and leaves, shade not dense, fruit is beautiful, sweet and excellent, tree is pollen-free. Incredible fall color. 15-20’ tall.

  • POMEGRANATE TREE: Makes a beautiful, small lawn tree. Deciduous, bright yellow fall color, shade not dense, attractive orange flowers and red fruit.


  • Fruitless Mulberry Tree: Their roots are shallow and cause problems. Very allergenic. Shade is too deep for lawns.

  • Sweetgum Tree: Their roots are shallow and cause problems.

  • Pine Tree: Their roots are shallow and cause problems. Pollen is also an issue with these trees.

  • Sycamore Tree: They usually grow far too large for most yards. Allergenic and susceptible to many diseases. Very messy.

  • Magnolia Tree: Their roots are shallow. Shade is too dense too for most lawns. Messy.

  • Lombardy Poplar: These common trees grow fast and die young, leaving you with a huge mess. Produce a lot of pollen. They also break easily.

  • Walnut Tree: Nothing grows well under them. They produce lots of pollen. The walnut fruit husks are smelly and often draw flies.

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