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Free Range Poultry Farm


Our hens are hard at work producing farm fresh eggs. In the wintertime, chickens lay less due to shorter days.

So that all of our friends and customers can enjoy them, we limit the amount of eggs to two dozen per customer.

Stop by to pick up your farm fresh eggs soon!


Fresh eggs may be stored in the refrigerator at the usual temperature of 36°Fahrenheit. Any eggs that have been washed, are fertile during warm months, or are older than one month should be kept in your refrigerator. Eggs can be kept in the refrigerator for up to (and possibly over) three months. That's a long time!


We like to keep our eggs in a carton or even a bowl. Nothing is more satisfying than taking out a beautiful ceramic bowl filled with different shades of brown eggs to start baking your favorite treats! 


Did you know that most of the eggs you buy at the supermarket are well over a month old? It truly makes you rethink how fresh they are! However, when an egg is older it is considerably easier to hard boil. 


Please keep in mind, once you have stored an egg in the refrigerator, it must remain there until it is consumed. Do not bring eggs up to room temperature and then place them back in refrigeration, this may cause food borne illness. 

Collecting Eggs
Free Range Chicken


Our Farm Fresh eggs are available for purchase during regular business hours at Big Oak Nursery. Simply ask for a dozen (or more!) at the register when you are ready to check out. 

If you are coming specifically to purchase eggs, please make sure to get to the nursery early-- we often sell out!

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